It And Communications

IT & Communications

Understanding the unique challenges of your business and meeting your goals with a partner-based approach to all your IT Support needs.

  • IT structure design, implementation & maintenance
  • Tailored solutions for streamlined productivity
  • Sophisticated network security services
  • Affordable & scalable telecommunications solutions
  • Partnerships with leading technology providers

Getting it absolutely spot-on when it comes to your IT, network security and telecommunications system takes sheer dedication. Partnering with people who are prepared to commit to this level of dedication makes an incredible difference.
At Onteck we have been partnering small and medium sized businesses in this way for more than two decades. It all starts with getting to know an organisation from the inside out. We aim for a level of familiarity that allows us to comprehend the structure, operation and aspirations of the business and to truly understand the individual needs of all its IT users.


Dedicated IT Consultants

How can we help you boost productivity? How can we successfully integrate IT across your multiple sites? How can we best prepare you so that unexpected events have minimum impact on your operation?
Our consultation process will address all of this, and more, before crafting a strategy based on the very best suited product and service solutions for your particular working environment.
Paying meticulous attention to detail and dedicated planning time means your IT installation will run like clockwork with minimal disruption and full adherence to schedule and budget. It’s something we’ve been trusted by our clients to take care of – and have done so successfully – for several years.

Onteck’s experts are here to help you get the ball rolling with your new IT system. Why not get in touch for an initial chat?


Sophisticated Network Security Services

Protecting highly valuable business data is crucial and, with hacking becoming more and more advanced, and the growing popularity of remote working and use of mobile devices, it really does pay to invest in the best possible technology designed to reduce your risk of a business disaster through lost data.
At Onteck we have identified Sophos Anti-Virus as one of the best systems on the market for protecting against a broad range of threats from viruses, spyware, spam and phishing.

Sonic Wall guards every network entry point from the internet gateway to servers and desktops. It is a sophisticated solution that offers comprehensive protection as well as a thorough approach to halting identity theft and protecting private data.
URL filtering allows employers to manage staff internet usage in accordance with regulatory compliance as well as internal security standards. Advanced filters screen outbound data to protect sensitive personal information and intellectual property.
Inbound filtering options allow you to set policies to protect groups or individuals from inappropriate content lowering your risk of legal liability and enabling employee productivity.

To talk to one of our network security experts about securing your valuable business data, please get in touch.


Telecommunications Solutions

Streamlining IT and communications systems, whether it’s within a single building or across multiple premises, has always been a particular speciality of Onteck.

We offer a range of telecoms options to suit individual business needs and, whilst many organisations may still prefer the traditional approach to telephone systems, we are finding now that a growing number are making the switch to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) or hosted solutions.
VoIP and cloud based telecoms open up a whole host of possibilities, and are making enterprise level communications accessible to businesses of all sizes. And then there’s the major benefit of built-in disaster recovery.

It may be that a combination of communication types would suit your business, and that’s where our expert consultation service comes into its own. We’ll help you discover what is right for your business, and once the strategy is in place, you can hand over to us to fully manage the installation, undertake the cabling and get your system set up just the way you want it.

Support, training and maintenance are also part of the service courtesy of flexible, affordable plans.

If you are looking for a scalable telecommunications solution, with the peace of mind of a full consultation to ensure the right choices are made for your business now, and into the future, get in touch with Onteck to arrange your free initial consultation.