It Support

Proactive IT Support for Maximum Up-Time

Flexible, cost-effective & customised support solutions for ALL types of systems & networks.

  • Real time 24/7 proactive remote monitoring resolves issues before they evolve
  • Onsite & remote support from highly trained, easy-to-talk-to technicians
  • Direct line straight through to our friendly, expertly-staffed helpdesk
  • Disaster Recovery friendly solutions

What do you desire most your IT system? At Onteck we believe confidence and peace of mind have to be two of the most important wants for any business.
And at Onteck, we believe both of these should come as standard. This is precisely why we’ve invested heavily in personnel, training, software and infrastructure: to make sure that as our client, you are able to start every working day with complete calm.

Into the calm
Calm is knowing your system is proactively monitored 24/7, and that issues you may not have even realised existed have been detected and either resolved or alerted to support. Calm is accessing a helpdesk directly without sifting through frustrating automated menus. And calm is chatting to expert, hands-on technicians who speak your language and clearly explain how they’re going to get you back up and running.
Knowing your issues ARE going to be resolved, whatever it takes. That’s calm: and that’s the total peace of mind you deserve.
Onteck’s IT support offers even more to inspire your confidence …

Security and Anti-Virus Management

Our systems auto-detect missing security patches or failed anti-virus. These are addressed remotely out-of-hours so your business stays safe from attack by viruses or hackers.

Back-Up Monitoring for Streamlined Disaster Recovery

Are your back-ups working? Can you be absolutely positive? What would happen if you were parted from your valuable data or premises with no back-ups to turn to? Our back-up monitoring system will make sure your critical data is being successfully backed-up, with daily email alerts for full confidence.

Inventory & Asset Management

Keeping track of all your IT-related assets can be a real challenge. Why not hand over to the dedicated support team at Onteck Solutions? We’ll provide you with an up-to-date view of all your hardware and software; your licences; purchase, installation and renewal dates; locations, owners, and suppliers and the configurations of all your managed devices. It’s all part of the Onteck support service: something that’s been relied upon for several years by a host of businesses.

Free Initial Onsite Survey

Getting to know and understand your individual IT system is where your relationship with the Onteck team starts. We offer a free initial onsite survey which allows us to advise on the level of support we believe will meet the needs of your business. To arrange a convenient time, please get in touch.

Onteck Support: At a Glance

Bronze Silver Gold
Telephone/Email Support Yes Yes Yes
Remote Fix Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited On-Site Support No Yes Yes
Software Support No Yes Yes
Hardware Repair or Replacements No No Yes
On-Site support (Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm) Contact us Unlimited Unlimited
On-Site Support out of hours and weekends For maintenance pricing please contact us