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IT Support for Companies

IT Support Companies for small business in Hull

Does your small business need IT support? Easy! Just find a couple of experienced, highly trained IT people, and lure them away from an IT firm by offering a massive paycheck.

Well, so much for easy.

“A lower-level, in-house IT salary ranges from £25,000 to £40,000 with salaries considerably higher for specialised techs,” said Mr Kelly, director of customer success at security firm KnowBe4 . “The break point for a company to hire an in-house IT person usually kicks in between 25 and 50 staff.”

Of course, the practicality of hiring an in-house IT professional depends on your type of business and level of service it requires. But financial realities often make it difficult to add another person to the payroll. One alternative is to add the IT support function to the duties of some other staffer, rarely ideal.

An increasingly popular alternative is to outsource tech support to a firm that specialises in providing small business IT services. There is a growing legion of IT resources—both free and paid—that small businesses can turn to for help.

The Many Flavors of Small Business Tech Support

There are many different levels of IT support for companies. Some work purely on a break/fix basis—e.g., if you have a problem, someone helps you fix it. At the other extreme is 24/7 tech support. People are on call around the clock to keep everything up and running and to deal with any and all IT issues. You can also bring in specialised support for your most important business applications, or outsource the disaster recovery (DR) and backup function.

Small Business IT Support Tips

Every business has different IT support requirements. That makes defining what you really need an important part of the selection process.

Your IT support options can involve farming out specific tasks or activities—from setting up computers and networks to keeping everything up and running to email setup and support—or specifically addressing backup or security. These days, there’s so much flak from spyware, popups and viruses that it’s smart to have someone on call to deal with the consequences.

But IT support needs are not a static thing. As your business grows, the level of support that you need from vendors may change as the business matures. Further, you need to calculate the cost of not bringing in help.

Local IT Support Resources

Some companies prefer to have a local IT person who they know and trust. In cases where you have someone who can expertly deal with your IT problems, this is often the best option. He or she becomes involved in the operations of the firm and takes an active interest.

Getting to know and understand your individual Business IT Support Hull system is where your relationship with the Onteck team starts. We offer a free initial onsite survey which allows us to advise on the level of support we believe will meet the needs of your business. To arrange a convenient time, please get in touch.

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